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Easy Online Forms

Sometimes you just want to throw up a quick survey to find out what your people are thinking. Or, you want to add a lead generation form to your website or Landing Page. You might also want to add a quick registration form for an event you have scheduled.

That’s why we created Easy Forms. Fast. Easy. Simple to deploy and, best of all, you can send the data directly into your Relevant Online Database and have it update in real-time!

Online Database

Online Database is your solution to the spreadsheet blues. You know, those times when you’re waiting for your spreadsheet to calculate or analyze your data? Or, how about those times when you have to go out and manually grab the data you need and add it in by hand?

We have your solution. A better solution. With Online Database, you have the power. When you need to automatically pull your data from multiple sources, you can set it up once and you’re set. You’ll be able to focus on the results. You can standardize and de-dup on the fly. You can also send email, share, and measure your progress.

Just about any action you need to perform on your data is now available to you in a fast, reliable, safe package. Best of all, you’ll have more time to actually run your business!

Automation, speed, and real-time data updates, that’s Online Database.

Email Marketing

When you need a robust, easy-to-use, reliable email marketing platform you can trust eVant.

  • Have as many custom fields as you need.
  • Create multiple databases.
  • Personalize your message with fields from your database.

Then, get ready to send! And, then relax. The Relevant Tools Advanced Routing Engine will handle all the technical details of getting your messages delivered.

Landing Pages

Our stylish, easy-to-use Landing Pages make setting up your opt-in or contact form fast and painless. We have the templates you need and adding more each week. We’re always standing by to help customize your Landing Page and make it truly shine and reflect the heart of your company. Plus, it’s included with every level!

More to come …

We’ve been here more than 20 years now and we’re still growing strong. We’re always working to improve our Suite of Digital Business Tools and equip you with the resources you need to grow, scale, and prosper in our ever-changing business environment.

Want to see something in particular? Let us know.

Need something customized for your unique needs? Get in touch. We’re here for you. We’ll get things going for you right away and develop a solution that fits like a glove.