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An easy-to-use, simple, powerful, and super flexible suite of digital business tools designed to free you from overly complex services that make you want to tear your hair out.

Lead Gen

Easy Forms Creator

Forms can help you generate leads, find out what people think, and help test your strategies.

Reach Out

Email Marketing

Relevant Email Marketing has delivered billions of email messages. It’s so easy to send your first email in less than 5 minutes.

Safely Store Info

Online Database

With Relevant Online Database, you have the power. You’ll be able to focus on the results. You can also send emails, share, and measure your progress.

Free Setup

Landing Pages

Our easy-to-use, attractive Landing Pages are now available and at no extra charge to our clients. New templates are added regularly.

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“Working with Relevant Business Tools has saved me hours of time and pain.”

Steve Dupuis
“We absolutely depend on Relevant Business Tools.”

Ross Recreation
“Everything just works!”

Reverend Rob Bremer

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