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We've been doing this for a long time LLC has been providing easy form creation, email marketing, online database, and a host of custom-created formats for our clients for more than 20 years. It’s a fact that once you start using our platform, you’ll love it so much that you’ll stick around for another 20 years, just like many of our current users.


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Our approach

Client Care

We pride ourselves on taking exceptional care of all our clients. With us, you’re not just another customer, you’re our client and we aim to take excellent care of you and your business needs.

Our Goal

We're here to take care of you.

Yes, it’s true. We’d like to have you stick around for years and that’s why we’ve created some of the best digital tools around. Our goal is to equip 10,000 small business owners with our suite of tools so they can get set up quickly and easily and get back to running their businesses. At Relevant Tools, we’re here for you.

Our values

Ease of Use

Our platform is easy to use and it’s fast so you save time which means you save money.


Our platform is reliable. It’s been around long enough to have all the bugs worked out which means you capture all the leads which mean more customers for you and more sales.


Our platform is backed by our dedicated, caring Client Services team which means you get the focus and attention you need to get and keep things running smoothly.


Jean Christofferson

Jean is the brilliance behind Relevant Tools. She’s led the company through rough economic and business terrain for more than 20 years. She thrives in the Silicon Valley environment where she succeeded as one of but a handful of women in a tough industry. She’s the brains behind the brawn of the Relevant Tools engine.

Eric Gesinski

Eric is a business investor, digital marketer, paid ads “hacker” extraordinaire, and analytics expert. He’s excited to be part of the RT team and eager to put his marketing, advertising, and analytical skills to use for the next phase of RT’s growth.

Gia Cilento

Gia is a business investor, serial entrepreneur, and marketing and communication strategist. She’s ready to help lead RT into the next 20 years and add her business, marketing, and communication expertise to the team.

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