Relevant(R) Tools

Success – Use Cases

Over the past two decades, Relevant Tools has been the platform many have used to stage their business success. It’s a testimony to our versatility, flexibility, and reliability. Here, we want to highlight just a few of the many successes and different use cases we’ve been honored to help create.

Win Back Campaign for Little Giant Ladders

Synopsis: Generated $253,721 from a 10-year-old list of registered product owners that had never been emailed.

Little Giant Ladders had been collecting customer registrations for 10 years but had never sent an email. All the other email service providers rejected their list as too risky. We worked with Ted to upload the list of 180K and segment it properly. We slowly dripped multiple messages to each segment over a 3 month period. As people responded to the campaign and made purchases, they automatically stopped receiving reminders to buy new products.

The campaign generated $253,721 in new orders. Ted was a hero and got a promotion.

Custom Automation Solution

Synopsis: Integrated Solution Saves Time & Enforces Legal Compliance

A microchip manufacturer had an internal system that generated a file with customer data and the desired message when an alert or update was required. The necessary data was automatically extracted and a new Relevant Tools database was automatically created with the specified fields that could be different for each alert. An email message was installed from the provided text and sent to the employee responsible. Upon review and and approval the email alert was sent to all customers specified in the database.

Custom CRM and private MSL Database Generated

Synopsis: Custom solution for a Real Estate Broker generated a private MSL database

A Texas real estate agent setup his MSL to send email alerts to his Relevant Tools database so that he had his own own MSL database in Relevant Tools. He used his Relevant Tools MSL database as a CRM, updating it with notes, actions, appointments and tasks. He received an email reminder when tasks were due.

Real Time Integration to Generate Sales

Synopsis: Recognize high value prospect and notify sales manager

Relevant Tools can trigger customized action after data is submitted. The action typically occurs on another system, often using Zapier to trigger it.

One customer is a co-working space that requires all guests to fill out a form when they visit and select the reason for the visit such as to meet with a member, interested in joining, or wanting a tour to see about renting the entire space for an event. Space rental for events is a high ticket sale so the team gets a slack alert and the sales manager gets a text alert to enable her to personally give the tour and close the sale.

Completed 4012 services requests for a small business.

Synopsis: Reverend Rob Bremer – Smoky Mountain. Customer since 2003

Reverend Rob uses a Relevant Tools form on his website for lead generation. His website visitors fill in to request them to officiate at their wedding. They get an automatic email response telling them what to expect and Reverend Rob immediately receives an email notification with all the details. He then contacts the customer and completes the arrangements. He never has to login to Relevant Tools. Everything just works for him and he depends on Relevant to run his business.

Lead Generation

Synopsis: Lead Generation – Markting agency captured 178,715 new leads for a client TV station

When the contest opens up it’s promoted in multiple ways and it’s imperative that Relevant Tools has near 100% uptime to collect all of the contest registrations as they come in all at once in high volume.

Multiple contest entries are permitted and Relevant Tools is able to dedup the large lists in seconds. This allows them to generate a clean list with unique entries for future marketing purposes.

A suppression database is also used so that those people who have already entered don’t receive reminders to enter.

Event Handling results in $52,435 in 12 minutes

Synopsis: Sold out a local program in just 12 minutes resulting in $52,435 in revenue.

As every parent knows, registering for afterschool programs is like purchasing rock concert tickets. Ross Recreation has many highly sought after programs that have limited capacity. The audience is notified that registration is opening up at a certain date and time.

Then the rush begins. Relevant Tools handles the load and ensures that no program is oversold. When a customer adds a program to their cart, they are allowed 90 seconds to check out. This keeps people from holding a place in a program they haven’t paid for.

As soon as each program fills people are automatically added for the waitlist so that if there are any opens to the programs people can be added from the waitlist in the order received.